Dent'art Studio


A nice, harmonic smile is something that everybody wants. This is why patients prefer dentists who do not only restore, but do it in an esthetic way. Esthetics and function go hand in hand, and it is very important that the dentist should not forget either when  planning a treatment. It must be emphasized that esthetics does not end in the front region; it is just as important in other regions of the dentition.

While a solely esthetics- driven restoration never brings a perfect functional result, a well-done functional treatment always has a beneficial effect on esthetics. It takes a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s problem to understand the reasons and find the right weights for the treatment. Once the plan is ready, we have the most advanced techniques at our disposal to realize it, from the various digital solutions to the MAGNIficient world of microscopic dentistry. Needless to say, an interdisciplinary approach is indispensable.    

What is our goal? A balanced functional and esthetic treatment, a perfect smile, and a happy, content, self-confident patient who benefits from the results in all areas of life. We do not only heal. We offer a different feeling. This is our mission. This is what we believe in.