Dent'art Studio




My choice of specialty was motivated by my enthusiasm for the arts. It is indeed a challenge to restore damaged things that are otherwise perfect by nature! I feel lucky to have inherited excellent manual skills, which I first made use of in drawing and painting, and then in dentistry.

Having finished grammar school and being pretty uncertain careerwise, I started studying economics and earned a degree in strategy and marketing. In the meantime, I successfully applied for dentistry at Semmelweis University, which earned me my second degree.  Nevertheless, I worked as a pharmaceutical economist for several years, and I also earned an MBA degree.  I finally decided to return to dentistry. I absolved specialty training in 3 dental specialties, started my own practice, and I have been active as a dentist ever since.

Since my youth, I have been involved with the world of fashion as well, first as a model, then as a strategy expert. My will to follow fashion trends and to follow the trends of my profession stem from the same source: a constant inner motivation to be up to date.

To share information, knowledge and experience motivates me just as much. I have been active for almost a decade as faculty at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Szeged, participating in both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In 2013, my professional achievements were honored by an invitation to be an active member of the group Styleitaliano. My publications generate great interest in the various forums provided by the group. I am often invited to talk about my life beyond the profession and about the various factors behind my success. I often hear that my life is so colorful that it is almost impossible to follow. I take it as a great compliment, for it shows that I am authentically myself and appear as such to the outside world.

Charity is an important value in my life, thus I support all sorts of good cases, whenever I can. As a dentist, I actively help the work of the International Children’s Safety Service.

I make use of strategic thinking also in my everyday life. I find this important as I believe that the things that happen to me are deeply interconnected, and that this web of actions and consequences determine my private and professional future. I am building that future with complete Buddhist determination, so that I can reach ever higher levels of mental and spiritual fulfillment.