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Renaissance esthetic consciousness is built on the conviction that the task of the arts is to mimic mother nature, the basis of life.

But what is art at all? Is it possible to talk about art in the realm of healing? And is it possible to coin a term like the art of healing?

Art is the manifestation of human creativity, a form and esthetic representation that evokes emotions in its audience.

Art is productive by definition. However, it produces not only material, physical objects, but also emotions, feelings and experiences.

To find the balance between the esthetics definitions of Aristotle and Kant in a way that function does not suffer may take a lot of psychological sense and empathy. To put it simply: one must dedicate all one’s attention to the individual patient.

Finally, to do dentistry in a way that it is not merely the treatment of the teeth, but it provides an entirely new feeling to the patient – this is what may be called the art of healing.