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Orthodontics is the oldest dental specialty, which, by today, has become much more than restoring the orderliness of misaligned teeth. It is true that the harmonic smile desired by everybody consists of ordered teeth, but the optimal result takes much more than that. A harmonic smile presupposes the nearly perfect occlusion of the dental arches, which is achievable only if the temporomandibular joint functions well, so that the spatial positions of the jawbones are always in harmony, whether stationary or moving. To be able to synthesize all these factors in the treatment of a patient, one must have an interdisciplinary understanding of maxillofacial orthopedics. Without such knowledge, it is impossible to offer a treatment free of compromise.  

To generate a personalized treatment plan, the dentist uses his or her best knowledge to set an aim, to determine the technical requirements of reaching that aim and to determine the timeframe, within which the aim can be reached. The patient usually wishes to have the final result as soon as possible. This is possible only with the most up-to-date techniques and instruments, constantly balancing between the parallel requirements of efficacy, comfort and esthetics, and minimizing compromise.   

Making compromises in the orthodontic treatment can have long-term detrimental consequences. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a treatment through which compromises can be avoided. Such a treatment might take longer and be costlier, but it offers a solution that is stable and complication-free for a long time.     

An esthetically and functionally optimal outcome is not only the best interest of the patient, but also an imperative for the dental professional.