Dent'art Studio




Given its complexity, maxillofacial orthopedics and orthodontics are among the dental specialties that take the most learning and practice to master at the level required by the rather strict professional standards. While apparently more convenient and easier approaches come and go, evidence-based medicine is the only way that can ensure that the patient’s best long-term interests are served to the highest possible extent.

Responsible orthodontics involves the systematic follow-up of anomalies detected at an early stage, preventive or partial therapies, guidance of the development of the jawbones, and finalizing/stabilizing the optimal dental arch. Advanced anomalies often  pose a challenge, as treatment is always more difficult when the anatomical structures are at an advanced stage of their development. In such cases, the solution is often surgical. However, with our clinical experience and cooperation with renowned experts of maxillofacial surgery (e.g. Prof. Dr. Dr. József Piffkó, Dr. Dr. Sándor Bogdán, PhD), we can successfully treat these cases too. It is only natural that we observe the most rigorous international standards, regarding both the applied materials and the techniques.

My approach to treatment has formed as a result of decades of learning, at home and abroad. By today, with the help of the most up-to-date techniques, we have the chance to solve situations that used to be considered impossible to solve  – and I am not the kind who misses any chance.