Dent'art Studio


Dentistry is a complex branch of medicine with several specialties. It deals with the entire masticatory apparatus, the jawbones, the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity, and also the salivary glands, nerves and muscles and seeks to prevent their diseases, or, when prevention fails, to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate. A dental degree, at least in Eastern Europe, is a peculiar one: once earned, the dentist can be active in any of the specialties without actual specialization.

However, the profession and all the specialties are undergoing so rapid changes that it is almost impossible to be up to date regarding everything in dentistry. This is why we consider the Western European model to be superior, where specialization is taken seriously, and specialists avoid practicing off-limits. Unfortunately, a sort of “mixfight dentistry” is still the dominant modus operandi in Eastern Europe.

In one’s dental practice, a patient with a problem related to a single specialty, is the rarest occurrence. Make no mistake, such patients do exist, and if the diagnosis is thorough and verifies a simple problem, it is a relief for both the patient and the dentist. However, in most cases, an apparently simple symptom indicates a complex problem. Correct diagnostics and treatment plan presuppose teamwork, involving the dental technician and experts of the various specialties. Such teamwork guarantees that the various factors behind the patient’s symptoms are revealed properly and treated at the highest quality.     

A dentist who believes in teamwork will refer the patient to the best specialist he or she knows. These are usually well-established patient routes, based on long years of collaboration, which is a great advantage, especially that an expert in any field of dentistry is likely to have the latest technology in his or her office to ensure the best available treatment.

In healing, the interests of the patient come first, and this tolerates no compromise. Such compromises do harm to the patient and to the reputation of the dentist as well.

We treat all our patients with an interdisciplinary approach. We have built strong cooperations with experts from all fields so that we can help our patients smoothly and rapidly.