Dent'art Studio


There is a life outside the dental office too! The dentist is, first of all, a human being, and this is also reflected in one’s professional self. The human and the professional are inseparable, and we celebrate this unity in our work. Beyond the dental work to be done, we are interested in our patients also as persons. Being a dentist is a unique chance to get to know great persons, and we always look at the dentist-patient relationship in this sense. Thus, when a patient thinks we might be of any help to him or her in any other area of life, we see what we can do. We accept invitations to various occasions, participate in charitable activities and help our patients to realize their projects and plans in several other ways. All in all, we are ready to be there wherever our help might be needed. This way, the mutual confidence built up in the dental office enriches both our and our patients’ lives with valuable experiences way beyond dentistry. Being socially active is just as important as to be up to date in the profession. The inseparable human-physician unity is a firm basis for building better human relationships, and ultimately, a better future.